Workshop of self: for a self-reflexive artistic education

A practical workshop to be held at Casa da Imagem

Having the Archive as a base and the Image as the object, Casa da Imagem establishes, as a methodological proposal for the relationship with image, working from the concepts of pareidolia, while ability and willingness to assign meaning to disconnected elements, and from the concept of inform, while expanded field of form reinvention that contemplates the emotion and the culture. The reason of this methodological approach as to  is the possibility of creating images in confrontation, that is, of exploding images and the formal, cultural and affective relations, that with these can create.

Key question:
How to habit and construct, collaboratively and focusing on personal senses, a living House of artistic and educational practices on and with images?

Year 2012
Type Other, Unpublished Text
Publication II Encontro Internacional sobre Educação Artística
Local Porto, Portugal
Language Português