The graphic diary as (dis)engagement and visual culture. Its practice in the context of the New College of Maia.

This writing presents itself as a critical reflection on a field experience in the context of the New College of Maia. This practice is to implement the graphic diary since kindergarten to Portuguese ninth grade as an instrument at the service of the project “Articulação e Sequencialidade em Artes”, and (dis)engagement of visual culture in the context in which it operates. There is thus the construction of knowledge from empirical worlds within actions are developed and themselves producers of knowledge, which is a crossing experience challenge, a exchange knowledge, dipping its action research where the real conflict of the day-to-day demands understanding and answers.

It is this hybrid position, where the writing appears at the intersection of experimental report and the production of knowledge that it expands, that it will be built the weaving of words that are listed below.

Palavras-chave: graphic diary; visual culture; government of self

Year 2012
Type Newspaper Opinion Article, Electronic Article
Publication Revista Imaginar , 54
Pages 31-40
Publisher Edições APECV – Associação de Professores de Expressão e Comunicação Visual
Ed/Org António Serafim Pereira
ISBN / ISSN 1646-6845
Language Português