The Animated Film in the Classroom

This article reports an experiment in the educational context of the discipline of Visual and Technological Education (EVT), Elementary School, where it held the approach of the concepts of animated images and animation. As a result, in addition, to the diversification of strategies and teaching methods, provided in the context of the classroom to experiment with various animation techniques. The use of technology in the classroom and, especially, new approaches to visual and plastic leaving of simple concepts submitted by students. Over a school year in conjunction between EVT and Project Area were several proposals that have served to create new perspectives in students and a culture based on the animated image animated film copyright, in educational and social projects considered relevant and above rooted in fundamental concepts of artistic expression and visual communication.

Year 2011
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication inVISIBILIDADES - Revista Ibero-Americana de pesquisa em Educação, Cultura e Artes, #1
Pages 104-113
Publisher Rede Ibero-Americana de Educação Artística
Local Porto
Ed/Org APECV - Associação de Professores de Expressão e Comunicação Visual
ISBN / ISSN 1647-0508
Language Português