Mono #2 Cochlear Poetics: Writings on Music and Sound Arts


The first volume of Mono was published more than 6 years ago, in June 2007. For many reasons, the usual ones, the project ran aground, ironically making up to its name: a single volume for a publication that wanted each volume to be unique. Until now.

Meanwhile this project was not forgotten and when, in 2011, the Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (i2ADS) was created within the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, it immediately aroused the idea to recover Mono as part of one of its groups, the Research Group in Art and Intermedia (NAi). We reconfigured the team, integrating new elements, but kept the initial idea: a publication which aims to cross theory and practice around the areas usually referred to as visual arts, broadly addressing a series of different topics within contemporary art and design practices. Its title – Mono – refers both to the idea of a thematic publication and to the volume/prototype made by printers and designers to prepare the final printed object. Each volume of Mono will have one or more guest editors and will focus on a particular topic.

Mono #2 retrieves our former idea for a volume on sound and the arts, and we re-invited Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais as guest editors. We have to thank them for their patience, being able as they were to wait six years for their project to see daylight.

Further volumes will follow, on an irregular basis but always in close connection with the activities and projects of our research group.


This volume concerns music, sound arts and sound in the arts and media.

It collects reflections on theory and practice, on composition, performance, technique, virtuosity and aesthetics, as well as on publishing strategies and other issues brought about by computational technologies. It tries to traverse a convoluted map of artistic and design practices that are developed through sound, or that intersect with sonic arts in increasingly complex ways.

The contributors to this publication include composers, musicians, artists, designers, educators, publishers and curators. Their texts chart creative opportunities and help to discover new music and new ways to create music, to grasp new art forms and to better understand those that already populate an ever-shifting landscape of media technologies for the production and consumption of music and sound media. They are threaded by a graphic essay that draws on its themes and textual contents to develop an issue-wide composition that engages with them in a constructive dialogue.

This is Mono #2.


Foreword (PDF)
Editorial (PDF)
Pedro Tudelao-f-m-o-n-o-f-o-r-m-o-n-o (PDF)
Alessandro LudovicoMusic in Print How Publishing Has Been Able to Flirt with Music (PDF)
Luísa RibasPerformativity as a Perspective on Sound-Image Relations and Audiovisuality
Ephraim WegnerPotential and Possibilities A Short History of Musical Techniques
Thor MagnussonFrom a Music Industry to Sound Industries
Frank EkebergSpace, Place and Dematerialization
Francisco LópezMusic Dematerialized?
Miguel CarvalhaisDeep Listening to Software (PDF)
Miguel CardosoMediation with Computers in Music Practice
Samon TakahashiGrooving in Silence
Heitor Alvelos333 Empirical Evidence on the Validity of a Random Music Label in 2013
Enrico Coniglio & Leandro PisanoGalaverna Approaching Post-Digital Sound
María AnduezaA Matter of Displacement The Listening Section of Augmented Spatiality. Beyond Sound Recordings and Urban Spaces
Julio d’Escriván & Monty AdkinsStream-Form and the Loss of Traditional Virtuosity Thoughts and a Method
Marc BehrensCoathangers
Maile ColbertThe Sound of Disaster Our Relationship to Sound in Danger

spread of Mono #2

spread of Mono #2

, (Ed / Org)
Publisher i2ADS/FBAUP
Local Porto
Year 2014
ISBN / ISSN ISBN: 978-989-98745-0-3 / ISSN: 1646-7388
Language English, Português
Number #2
Type Book, Other