LINES in the apprenticeship of drawing in an artistic and professional context


There is now a certain urgency in situating the artistic education and the ways through which directions and relations are connected during the apprenticeships, towards a social, artistic and cultural society that emphasizes even more an ideological separation from the institution ?school?. ?LINES in the apprenticeship of draw in an artistic and professional context? suggest one vision of contagious fields of artistic education, of the draw, that appeals to the capacity of reflecting on the images as well as the way of how the senses are built, around the experience of being, making and thinking.

The experience of my Pedagogical Training allowed that approach and enriched the writing of this text, that as in the drawing, constitutes itself as a sketch that can be used as a basics to try other possibilities of creating bonds among the apprenticeships in draw, in an artistic and professional context.

So, these imperfect and indetermined lines approach me to find new possibilities in teaching draw, once we?re always facing new challenges everyday.

Year 2012
Type Thesis
Institution FPCEUP/FBAUP
Degree Master
Language Português