(In)visibilidades: um estudo sobre o devir do professor-artista no ensino em artes visuais

(In)visibilidades: um estudo sobre o devir do professor-artista no ensino em artes visuais is a self-analysis exercise on the formation of a duplicate. This duplicate resulted from the correlation between my experience as an artist and as a secondary grade visual arts teacher.
An idea originated while being a teacher in a private learning institution, which in confrontation with my artistic vision triggered a set of tensions on my social and political conduct as a visual arts teacher. This led me to, by introspecting on a set of experiments conducted during my practice as a teacher, a split between myself and an exterior image of me: the artist-teacher. So, saying what this duplicate is and how it is created is the first step for its apprehension. And for this we have to place ourselves inside the discourse and describe its own movements, between the field of the artist and the one of the teacher, and to be subjected to what it proposes. What is being referenced here is the creation of a contact zone between the artist’s studio and the teacher’s classroom, by expanding the idea of studio and by softening the limits of the artist’s creation field.
It’s in this expanded field where I propose to ponder on the intersecting areas between the artist’s studio and the practices developed by the artist-teacher. An area to come, whose intensity could release us from ourselves in visual arts teaching.

Year 2014
Type Thesis
Institution Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto.
Degree PhD
Supervisor(s) Doutora Catarina Sofia S. Martins, I2ADS, FBAUP / Doutor José Alberto Correia, CIIE, FPCEUP
Language Português / Portuguese
Field Visual Arts Teaching / Art Education