Research on Arts Education: The History of the Present as the way to denaturalize some common senses

This paper seeks to explore the historical practices that shape and give intelligibility to the present of art education
research. The methodology is the History of the Present. In this sense, the denaturalization of psicopedagogical discourse
related to who the child is allow us to think about who the child should be. In Portugal, since the end of the 18th century, one can
find continuities in the ways of reasoning about the need of arts education. In a Foucault ian perspective, we will focus on the
moral, disciplinary and of the self technologies that are part of the processes of subjectification within the educational arena.
The purpose is to suspend what is taken for granted as the starting point of research. In doing so, we can open alternatives
in thinking about the (im) possibilities of art education in the present.

Keywords: Art Education; History of the Present; Technologies of Subjectivation; Research.

Year 2012
Type Newspaper Opinion Article, Electronic Article
Publication Revista Portuguesa de Educação Artística, 2
Pages 119-134