Inscription and writing of the self in visual journals

I left written in the journal of one of my pupils last year: “Jaime, why do you sign?”. Everytime I looked at his journal there was in each page and each sketch his signature and the date to register the moment. The attendance of the act puzzled me, especially for the automatism and apparent indifference of the repetition. His answer came promptly and concisely: “What do you mean? I sign so that they know who I am!”. To my exploration of the visual journals as a pedagogical tool of ‘writing of the self’, stimulating critical and questioning in the students, I added the reflection of its subjectivation effects in the I-author who writes/draws, and began to confront the use of the journal with authorship at school, relating it with the prevalent modern myths of being an artist. The conception of the visual journal which contextualizes reflection is that of an apparatus of inscription and a process of desacralization for creating new meanings.

Year 2012
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Investigacion en las Artes y la Cultura Visual, INDAGA-T, 2
Pages 111-120
Publisher Facultad Bellas Artes Universitat de Barcelona
Local Barcelona
Ed/Org Fernando Hernández & Antonio Aguirre
Language Português