Impressions about “Just Married”

Just Married is a performance from João Vilnei (BR) e Teresa Luzio (PT) realized in Month of Performance Art-Berlin Festival.
A married young couple travels to Berlin to spend the honeymoon and visit some city tourist places. The couple decides to leave at the various sites the memory cards with pictures, sounds and videos taken by them and by passersby. In each memory card will be a text file stating that the card was meant to be lost and belongs to those who find it. The set of actions consist of leaving behind the memory of the experience, also as a way to end a marriage that belongs to the art world, so it is fictional. The project raises an ambiguity, on one hand the deliberate choice of all records loss in favor of experience, on the other underlines documentation richness which arises by virtue of performance.

Along with the last memory card the couple decides to leave behind the alliances, as metaphor for a marriage that lasts as long as memory.
The text is the result of a dialogue between the artists.

Year 2013
Type Electronic Article, Other
Publication Impressions about Just Married
Publisher Month of Performance Art-Berlin
Local Berlin
Language english