Identity in the Creative Act

Through art events, man leaves a mark in the world as a form of forgetting  his mortal condition. These are objects that testify to this day, moments of struggle between man and his own existence.
In today’s world, globalized and permeated by the speed of technology, the human beeing is suffering the impact of being uprooted from their comfortable certainties. We can say that he operates a profound change in his perception of himself, cast him into a crisis of references.

How does this existential distress manifests in his artistic creations?
It is this situation of loss of references, played in the artistic field that we will situate our reflection.

Year 2009
Type Newspaper Opinion Article, Electronic Article
Publication Convergências – Revista de Investigação e Ensino da Artes, 4
Ed/Org Raposo, Daniel
ISBN / ISSN 1646-9054
Language Português