GHOST was a cycle of five invitations made to collective projects which, in the context of an artistic residency, occupy the space of the Atelier Real, in Lisbon, in order to explore ways of presenting their practices and freely programming this experiment for two weeks. ‘GHOST’ as the acronym of ‘Guest’ and ‘Host’, suggested a dynamic between opposites; in this case, between the one who is receiving and the one who is received.

The publication GHOST takes a step back in order to think about the residency experiment and to take into account each group’s ability to settle in and to determine the ways in which they would delegate. It enables an investigation to be carried out into the juxtaposition of five ways of testing the artistic residency format as a way of presenting processes that emerge from a set of collective decisions.

Editors: Aida Castro, Catarina Simão, David-Alexandre Guéniot

Authors: Ana Bigotte Vieira, Catarina Marto, Tobias Hering

Author(s) , (Ed / Org)
Publisher GHOST // RE.AL
Local Lisboa
Year 2012
Language Portugês, English
Type Book
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