Chewing gum studio

This text is the result of an action and reflection on action, which proposes to think the symbiotic relation between the artist-teacher and the concept of expanded studio.
We can frame this issue by crossing what have been written about the concept of artist-teacher (Daichendt, 2010), in the particular field of art, with the research and demystification of the concept of the studio as an isolated space for artistic production. In this text the studio, metaphorically thought of as chewing gum, draws itself through a ruminant movement, self-reflective, while proposes an elastic and expanded vision of the concept of studio, very close to what Krauss (1972) called for the field of sculpture . It is carrying the thought of the studio, the place of the artist to the classroom, that this article discusses the intersection of the studio space with artistic practices developed by artist-teacher. This understanding of the studio, as an expanded field, calls into question its modernist space, as a place for individual and isolated creation of the author as creator. So how can we understand the limits of this fading? What options are open? What dangers lurk behind these assumptions?

Key-Words: teacher artist; action research methodology; artist studio.

Year 2012
Type Conference Proceeding, Unpublished Text
Publication II Encontro Internacional sobre Educação Artística (2EI_EA)
Language Português