Relational Spaces: A New Expanded Field for Art and Tought

The current concern with extending the debate on site and identity has proved to be supported by something that could be called relational practices. Many artists investigate processes of interchange (based or not on commercial interchange) as an ends to their artistic production, more than they invest solely in an object oriented practice. Conversations and, in general, any kind of social currency are considered to be relevant artistic methodologies, as well as engaging others in the artistic experience. But these processes have not necessarily been fully evaluated in terms of their aesthetics repercussions, neither have their social implications have been entirely demystified.

It is therefore necessary to instigate a debate on this territory, attempting, on the one hand, to unveil the pitfalls of excessive welldoing expectations put on socially engaging art practices, at the same time that, on the other hand, the scope of the so called “relational aesthetics” and its importance for artists today needs to be investigated.

Author(s) , (Ed / Org)
Publisher ArtInSite, Transforma | i2ADS/FBAUP
Local Torres Vedras e Porto
Year 2012
Language Português, English
Type Book