Writers, relationship with writing and experience: a field in art education

The purpose of this essay is to present part of a narrative and biographical research held with portuguese writers, focused on the relationship with writing (2006-2012). This research consisted in a biographical exploration of the life narratives of Manuel António Pina, Mário Cláudio, Ana Luísa Amaral, Luisa Dacosta and Jorge Velhote, through witch we’ve interpreted the “experiential cosmos” of their writing activity in the wider context of his literary and educational itineraries. The approach on this issue, even if some years passed since I built it, continues to allow us to reflect on the singular movements that link the ways of living the experience of writing. From the point of view of the writers, and challenging new ideas about learning and writing, this paper aims to contribute to some of the reflection in art education.

Year 2018
Type Journal Article with peer review
Publication Roteiro, Joaçaba, 43, nº 3
Pages 1071-1088