Noti(ci)ng myself on a journey: notes on the methodology that commanded the construction of a thesis on arts education.

This text attempts to present, in the form of a paper, some of the methodological concerns that guided the production of my doctoral thesis in arts education. Through its writing, supported by a drift practice, it assumed a performative dimension in the organization of ideas and presented concepts, disclosing itself as an inherent strategy to the pulse of the research, which allowed me to design a working methodology that, by mapping the studied object in its contingencies, expansibilities and limits of its own writing, revealed itself as a possibility for conducting research in the field of arts education.

Year 2014
Type Newspaper Opinion Article, Electronic Article
Publication Revista Digital do Laboratório de Artes Visuais - Universidade de Santa Maria, Brasil (UFSM), vol. 7, n.2
Pages p. 42-65
Publisher Revista Digital do LAV - Santa Maria - vol. 7, n.2, p. 42-65 - mai./ago.2014
Local Brasil
Ed/Org Charréu,Leonardo; Mossi, C. Poletti; Oliveira, Marilda
ISBN / ISSN 1983-7348
Language Portuguese