We intend brings some key points for discussion of teaching/learning of Drawing in the artistic field.

Anticipating that in the current context, the teaching paradigms have to be changed, we propose to present some of the advantages of the blending learning (b-learning)  in the context of the teaching of drawing.

Understanding that the discipline of drawing is one of the instruments to work through the issues of the project, object of study, that has a universe polysemous, differentiated and subjective, we find that the contribution of learning platforms are a powerful tool the field of teaching and learning a discipline of this nature.

For expand the sharing networks among students, encourages them to autonomy in learning, creating networks of common interest which consequently favors divergent thinking and speculative fundamental to creative development.

We don’t anchor the problem of teaching drawing just a technological issue, but the pedagogical necessity of drawing itself, which supports their learning in practice, the culture, the history of their own images and the reflection of their own systems and strategies of representation.

Being territory education the ideal field to test these dynamics of work, we demonstrate from a case study conducted in F.B.A.U.P, the advantages of incorporating these platforms in a traditional classroom teaching, safeguarding the outset that for this the teaching paradigms that will be rethought.

Keywords: b-learning, design and media and digital information.

Year 2013
Type Conference Proceeding