Web Design Patterns for Mobile Devices

Ribeiro, Jorge; Carvalhais, Miguel. 2012. “Web Design Patterns for Mobile Devices”, Trabalho apresentado em PLoP, In Proceedings of the 19th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, Tucson, AZ.

Mobile devices have brought new constraints and possibilities to the field of web design. You can no longer design a website without thinking how it will work on a mobile device: the whole mobile experience needs to be designed from the beginning. Because designing for these devices is considerably different from designing for wider screens, you cannot only rely on your old techniques: you will need new ones. In this paper we propose a set of twenty-­‐one patterns for designing web interfaces on mobile devices.

Year 2012
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication 19th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs
Local Tucson, AZ.
Language English