Transforming practices and inquiry in-between arts, arts education and research

This Vissual essay intends to discuss possibilities of reframing conceptions of arts and arts education from an art activism perspective and describe the Web-based research platform INTER-Action. The platform is a virtual space for researchers interested in arts-based research, a/r/tography, collaborative research and community arts. Following Paulo Freire’s ideals, INTER-Action members claim that educational methods need to change in order to reach a sustainable future. They believe that contemporary community art practices in educational settings can be explored as rituals of transformation in a period of disenchantment and loss of hope, a consequence of centuries of rationalism, materialism and individualism.

Keywords: arts education,art activism,community arts,a/r/tography,arts-based research

Authors: Teresa Torres de Eça, Maria Jesús Agra Pardiñas & Cristina Trigo

Year 2012
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication International Journal of Education through Art, 8.2
Pages 183-190
Publisher Intellect
Local UK
ISBN / ISSN 17435234 / 2040090X (Online)
Language English