Three dimensional analysis of the crânio-cervical-mandíbular complex during piano performance


Piano players, as well as other musicians, spend a long time training to achieve the best results, sometimes adopting unnatural body positions that may cause musculoskeletal pain. This paper presents the preliminary results of a study targeting the analysis of the head and cervical postures of 17 piano players during musical performance. It was found, as a common feature, that the players tilt the head to the right and forward towards the score and keyboard. Players who know the score by heart tend to move their heads more compared to the ones who have to keep their eyes on the score.

Authors: M. Clemente, S. Lourenço, D. Coimbra, A. Silva, J. Gabriel, J.C. Pinho

Year 2014
Type Journal Article with peer review
Publication Medical Problems of Performing Artists, 29(3)
Pages 150-154
Language English