The Pyroplastic Change in the Practice of Sculpture: Exfoliated Slate


This paper presents black slate as a material for sculptural work transformed by pyroplastic process, named pyro-expanded black slate. When submitted to an adequate heating process, the behavior of black slate it is expressed itself in a language that tells us its own identity in an explicit way, and with an intense expressiveness that surprises ourselves.
Technical possibilities of pyro-expanded black slate shaping have also being studied. The reaction of different black slate pieces during the pyroplastic process, in some cases associated to other materials, such as iron and ceramics. These interactions, while associating different materials that react with each other, emphasize the unique characteristics of new sculptural compositions increasing the plastic capacities of the black slate. Some examples of the associations referred will be shown, which highlight the close relationship between art and science, research involving the approach to new techniques and materials.
Pyro-expanded slate opens a door to the development of unique plastic configurations, providing a base for a new sculptural language.

Year 2012
Type Newspaper Opinion Article, Journal Article without peer review
Publication The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts
Publisher inderscience Publishers
Language English