The Professional Learner and Performer – A Global Survey

This study investigates the field of higher education and expertise development for learning and performing the double bass.The aim is to draw a picture of how the double bass is currently learned and performed by the learning student, the supervising professor and the performer working in a symphony orchestra, to find out whether if there were any significant differences between the three groups in their approaches to practice and performance. Results indicated that the achievement of expertise on the double bass is multifaceted and implies the development of multiple tasks and skills which soon have to be fostered and experienced in the field of learning and performing. Significant differences between the three groups were detected in the area of demography, experiences, knowledge, and their approaches to practice. Recommendations and implications for further investigation indicate that a wider perspective of learning, practice, self evaluation in combination of the usage of technology for practice support and feedback should be taken into account for enhancing performance ability for the double bass.

Keywords: Double bass, Skill, Practice, Pre-professional Learning, Expert Performance.

Year 2011
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication Journal of Science and Technology of the Art / Revista de Ciência e Tecnologias das Artes, Vol. 3, No. 1.
Pages 32-36
Publisher Research Centre for Science and Technology of the Arts, Portuguese Catholic University
Local Porto
Ed/Org Caires, Carlos Sena
ISBN / ISSN 978-989-95776-0-2
Language English