Tactile-Kinesthetic Interactions: Interdisciplinary Technological Materials Challenge Design Innovation

In IASDR 2013 International Congress of International Association of Societies of Design Research.
Hosted by Shibaura Institute of Technology, 26–30 August 2013, Tokyo.


Design faces challenging prospects afforded by the fast developments of tools and techniques. Exploring unusual ways for creative productions, designers collaborate with scientists and engineers working interchangeably with materials science, natural sciences, and engineered systems. To research at the interface of design and society mediated by emergent technologies, converging differing disciplines for a growing consilience contributing for design innovation. Committed in a common search and influencing each other, creators and technologists may produce contaminated outcomes that would not be possible if done unconnectedly. Technologies initially developed in scientific disciplines aimed to be used with specific ends, end up being conceptually explored by designers. Experimenting materials not intended for creative uses may ultimately provide challenging outcomes for the partnering disciplines. The stimulating interaction between divergent disciplines may cause to prompt defiant advances. Designers absorb the ultimate interdisciplinary technological advances to extend their creative possibilities. Designers develop, modify, and use technical means and tools to stir social awareness and renew aesthetic experiences. The new means encompass the interchangeable intersection of materials science, computer technologies and electronics, natural and social sciences through aesthetics and creativity for public information and cultural innovation.

Year 2013
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication IASDR 2013: TOKYO
Publisher iasdr2013
Language english