Scopio #1, International Photography Magazine

This first issue of Scopio Aboveground focuses on Architecture , which means we selected authors and works where the concept of architecture is explored, thinking specifically on light, form, detail and on how architecture is experienced through imagination and reality. The intent is to present diverse visual narratives that convey a position, argument or story about a particular architectural problem.

This first issue of Scopio features Filip Dujardin, Manuel Graça Dias, Hélène Binet, Virgílio Ferreira, Carlos Lobo, Pedro Bandeira, Eszter Steierhoffer, João Salaviza, Michelle Domingos, Patrícia Azevedo Santos, Alexandre Delmar, Luís Ribeiro da Silva, Álvaro Domingues, José Carneiro, Luís Tavares Pereira, Rui Tavares and Susana Lourenço Marques

Author(s) , (Ed / Org)
Publisher Cityscopio
Local Porto
Year 2010
ISBN / ISSN 1647-8274
Language English, Português
Number 1
Type Other
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