Research, through and from the drawing in learning context

We intend bring the discussion some key points for the pedagogy and research into the knowledge of artistic field, starting up with the importance of systematization these issues inside of School, within the in which we understand to be research into the artistic knowledge.

What we mean by research? How to show search / research inherent in the artistic process having drawing like a non-verbal language to think?

The idea that digital technology expands the communicative possibilities applied to the teaching / learning art, promoting more collaborative and participatory dynamic was the starting point for the development of research work.

Having research strategy as the single case study, in which we use the Moodle platform, widely used in the University of Porto, as mediator of the distance learning component to complement classroom discipline goal drawing assumed as a tool for searching, questioning and validation of an idea, developed the subject in order to promote lifelong learning, reflection at individual and group extend the dynamics of work, multiply networks of communication and information in order to create greater sharing and collaboration in teaching and learning context.

Not should we fall into the error of reducing a single question or a single reading, an object of study that has a polysemic universe, different and subjective as art.

The difficulty is to work in this territory, asserting ourselves with knowledge that is based primarily on reflection / action. This is responsibility of the School. Safeguarding such work is done by creating structures for discussion and reflection, knowing that this workspace is to be sediment bases practical understanding and reflective, critical to the development of knowledge for life. Considering according to a constructivist approach, that collaborative practical and theoretical reflection of the processes and work methods in arts should be worked continuously.

Keywords: Collaborative environments, drawing research, practice and technology.

Year 2013
Type Conference Proceeding, Unpublished Text
Publication International Drawing and Cognition Research
Publisher Drawing Research network
Local Columbia University, NY
Language English