Research, through and from the drawing in learning context


As the drawing can be an instrument of research and research?

We intend to bring to discussion some key points about pedagogy and research in drawing in the digital age.

Anticipating that digital paradigm has affected the teaching/learning relationships, as well as affected the access to information and communication. In the context of access to the communications network, we intend to identify possible changes that occur in teaching drawing when we introduce a pedagogical methodology also expanded it to the network.

Inserted in the context of technology and education, and taking as a basis for our study the discipline of drawing in your project function, that is while speculative language and illustrative of the idea, we present some examples of tools available to support b-learning, and how these can contribute to a more participatory and collaborative education even when it comes to teaching/learning which has a strong tradition in person such as the artistic education.

Year 2014
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication DRN 2013 Proceedings
Pages 174-179
Publisher Teachers College - Columbia University + The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Local New York
Language English