Playing with Bits, Pieces, and Lightning Bolts: An Interview with Sound Artist Andrea Parkins

In 2003, working towards my graduate degree in Integrated Media at California Institute for the Arts, I met and worked with a visiting artist by the name of Andrea Parkins, with whom I became a friend and colleague. Although I’ve been familiar with her work for more than a decade, every time I see Andrea perform my mind is blown. And, every time we discuss her practice, her methodology, and her thoughts on art and work, I’m always compelled and inspired in my own practice as a sound artist. In particular, I am impressed by her insights on the relationship between art, play, and the act of improvisation.  The interview that follows is both a sampling of the conversations we have been gifted with throughout the years and a rare opportunity to listen in to the creative process of a working sound artist. (excerpt)

Year 2013
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication Sounding Out!
Publisher Sounding Out!
Ed/Org Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman
ISBN / ISSN 2333-0309
Language English