Hasty Search at the Knowledge Factory

Paper presented at the Symposium at ECER 2012. Research on Arts Education: Discomforts and Urgencies

The current economical and social conjuncture with the Bologna Process redesigning the contemporary art academy, and flooded by the discourse of entrepreneurship and success, has potentiate the approach of art practice and the research activity under the seal of the university, and art research has since became a vulgar denomination. It is no longer uncanny to gather both, as the grammars of research apply now to the slippery dominion of art, and the latter has accepted discipline by subjecting itself to the constraints of academic degrees. What brings together art and knowledge and what sets them apart with the background of the university? As things have become, what is the possible role for an institutionalized art research in the present circumstances of capitalism and globalization?
Thrown the question, must be added that power relations operating in society, in the art world and in the university have a lot to do with the changing narrative of art as an engine without a plan to its seemingly new role in the hasty factory that became the contemporary academy.

Year 2012
Type Unpublished Text
Local Cadiz, Spain
Language English