Duchamp, Chess, and the Oedipus Complex

On 18 October 1963, Time photographer Julian Wasser took a photo showing Marcel Duchamp playing chess against a totally naked young woman, Eve Babitz. This image became iconic and combines three subjects that were central in Duchamp’s artistic work: art, chess, and eroticism. Using a psychoanalytic approach, I will argue that the chess game, the position of the two characters at the center of the image, and Duchamp’s work of art itself – Le Grand Verre – placed in the center of the photo, refer to the Oedipus complex.

Year 2014
Type Book Chapter
Publication Analyses of Cultural Productions: Papers of 30th Conference of Psyart Porto, 2013
Pages 255-263
Publisher I2ADS/FBAUP
Local Porto
Ed/Org José Gabriel Pereira Bastos, Elizabeth Fox e Diniz Cayolla Ribeiro
ISBN / ISSN 9789899874527
Language English