Contribution towards a Reflection about Methodological Strategies in Design Education and the Function of Drawing in Design

Abstract: This work presents a reflection on Design education and specifically on the role of Drawing in this area. As a subject, Design has expanded its field of action expanding into new areas such as Experience Design or Service Design. It became necessary for the designer to have more than an education based on technological knowledge or know-how.

Many authors like Meredith Davis, Don Norman or Jamie Hobson point out the urgency to review the curricula of Design courses because nowadays “… design is more than appearance, design is about interaction, about strategy and about services. Designers change social behavior” (Norman 2011). When shifting from a product-centered design to a person-centered design (in a structure, a service or in a relationship) what should the function of drawing in a design course be? What should its curriculum be? Our work methodology will be to confront today’s perspectives on design theory and practice in an attempt to add to the discussion on the methodological strategies in design teaching in the contemporary context.

Keywords: Design, Drawing, Design Teaching

Year 2012
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication The International Journal of Design Education, 7, issue 2
Pages 21-28
Publisher Common Ground
Local Illinois, USA
ISBN / ISSN ISSN (print e online) 2325-128X
Language English