Colour and the creative process in contemporary practices: connecting pictorial and architectonic languages through chromatic relations.

X Congreso Nacional del Color – Valencia, 26-27-28 Junio 2013

This paper belongs to a developing practice-based research on the use of colour as groundwork in the creative process of contemporary painting, analysing specifically its influence and significance in the artistic practice that somehow connects pictorial and architectonic languages, mainly in the field of expanded painting.

The study is a consequence of the author’s experience as a painter, whose work always privileged colour as an element that transforms spaces, their representations and the way we perceive, receive and experiment them. Besides an appropriation of architectonic language to pictorial space, the author is interested in expanded painting, where new possibilities of interaction between painting and the architectonic space, through colour, are explored. Moreover, the distension of painting to real space causes new preoccupations with the relation between colour and space and between the spectator and the perceived work, a relation that can be more physical and interactive.

The research aims to conduct a reinterpretation and contextual redeployment of the act of composing and creating through colour in artistic contemporary practices, emphasizing the cases of artistic works that represent an abolishment of the frontiers between painting and architecture. It is a fundamental objective to explore, experiment and analyse the transformative potential of colour in those projects. Considering the experimental component of the investigation, the results will be inherent to the artistic practice and to an unavoidable circuit between thinking and action. The practical experimentation, in the studio, should be complemented with a contextualisation and theoretical framing, and also with the knowledge of what artists do, currently, within these concepts and approaches.

This will lead to a necessary analysis of the distinct possibilities of dialogue between painting and architecture, through colour, in contemporary practices, such as: architectonic representations in painting; creation of pictorial objects with an architectonic dimension, like constructions that we can physically explore and contour; painting made directly in architectonic space or exhibition room, where colour can determine the building’s impact in the surrounding area, as a skin of the construction that assumes autonomy from its structure and functionality.

The discourse on colour is often fragmentary, divergent and inconclusive, which is transversal to distinct knowledge areas. Mainly when it is constructed in an artistic context, the colour subject is fundamentally approached and though in the act of doing things and through practice. In studio art investigations the concepts of investigation and creation tend to merge and be contaminated, so it is based on this assumption that this paper pretends to approach colour subject through the artistic object.

It is an expected result the development of a final exhibition project that will include the artistic objects that better represent the carried investigation. Colour entropy, reflected in the concepts of order, chaos, dynamics, flow, balance and composition inherent to chromatic relations, should be identified and applied within the relation between those objects.

This paper intends to display the artistic investigation that has already been done, the analysis of the selected artists whose work approaches the fundamental issues of the research and future expectations.

Year 2013
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication X Congreso Nacional del Color
Pages 86-87
Publisher Universitat Politècnica de València
Local Valencia
Ed/Org Ángela García Codoñer
ISBN / ISSN 978-84-9048-058-8
Language Castellano, english