Artistic research and the future art school or the call of a brave new world


In a world of dichotomies today’s art school is having a role in narrowing the distance that sets apart the two historically separated blocks which are the art world and the learning period that underlies the idea of graduate and even post-graduate courses. In the current days the art school and the art world are part of the same reality and this has led to some changes in the understanding of the proper aim of art education and the configuration of its related activities and institutions. This situation has triggered a very productive overlap – not in the neoliberal sense of productivity that seems to have taken hold of the university since the Bologna process has developed, but in the exciting sense of fertility. Dedicated literature has increased and some interesting writings have been published focusing on an unknown future: either on what can be artistic research (Anton Vidokle, Jan Verwoert, Henk Slager, Jan Kaila), or outlining the art school yet to come (Irit Rogoff, Steven Henry Madoff, Brad Buckley, Bart De Baere, Stephen Dillemuth). To imagine the future art school has to take into consideration the new meanings underlying an art education operated by the agents of the XXIst century. This has been an exercise performed both by academics and by artists, and some interesting purposes have emerged since the last decades of the XXth century onwards. Also, to do research about artistic research has to take into account its meaning, especially European, of an overlay of education and art world. All of this together with a step into the unknown is returning the idea of a brave new world daring us to enter in.

Considering the issue of artistic research from an academic and political conjunctural point of view, this paper will present the mapping of where it’s happening artistic research now, with the view to draw an image of the installers of discursivity that determine what is artistic research. In order to proceed the idea of future that undergoes the research in artistic research (an unknown future, a world of possibilities), this paper will also introduce examples of projects once set up to present alternative art schools (the art school of the future, a world of possibilities), and the text will quest for the links between what was then the pursuing of a different thought in art education and the current thought of artistic research that absolutely has an impact on the conception of a new school of the arts – all contributing to the desire of a brave new world.

Keywords: artistic research, future art school, Bologna Agreement, PhD in the arts

Year 2015
Type Book Chapter
Publication 2nd Encounter on Practices of Research in Arts Education. Some Texts
Pages 7-14
Publisher i2ADS - nEA
Local Porto
ISBN / ISSN ISBN: 978-989-730-042-4
Language Português