Art Evolves Through Technology: Haptic After the Hegemony of Visual Art


Recently and from now on, we’ll be hearing the word haptic regularly in consumer multimodal devices. In an era of transition from sight hegemony, the sense of touch is getting a place of visibility. Still, most of us don’t think of the sense of touch as being a primary sense. Possibly it is because we don’t know this sense well enough. This paper introduces a haptic art concept for a touch reactive dynamic surface as an awareness project. It is intended to construct the knowledge of the self through the sense of touch, following the latest technological advances in smart materials that provide physical interactivity for art explorations.

Second International Conference, ArtsIT 2011, Esbjerg, Denmark, December 7–8. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering

Year 2012
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Arts and Technology. Second International Conference, ArtsIT 2011
Pages pp. 171–176
Publisher Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Ed/Org BROOKS, Anthony L.
ISBN / ISSN 978-3-642-33328-6 / 978-3-642-33329-3
Language english