Art and Technology – The Practice and Influence of Art and Technology in Education

Artist Talk

The idea for this book emerged because Lui-sa Menano and Patricia Fidalgo were working in the same college, the Emirates College for Advanced Education, in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and started to collaborate in several workshops about Art and Technology. Both realised that Art and Technology should be embraced by learners in a creative and innovative way that had not yet been implemented in the college.

We are, indeed, facing new challenges in a global society where certain subjects, such as Art are being turned away from education or witnessing a decrease of investment due to economical constrains. It is the job of educa-tors to prevent a collapse and present different solutions to address this new educational sce-nario. An interdisciplinary approach using both art and technology is proposed in this book as well as a new discussion on how to motivate students and how to explore intersections between the nature of Art and Technology in education.

The book has seven chapters that aim to present an international and diverse perspec-tive on the scope of Art and Technology and how to integrate them in Education.

Menano, L., Fidalgo, P.

Year 2017
Type Other
Publication #16 ART: 16th International Meeting of Art and Technology
Pages 1067-1069
Publisher i2ADS – Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade
ISBN / ISSN 978-989-99839-5-3
Language English