Art and Science: New Approaches in the Making, Process, and Development of New Materials


Today glass art presents itself as contemporary and innovative search for a component connected with research and experimentation. A link was forged between art and science, a discovery and use of a new knowledge in which a close relationship between the scientist and the artist is encouraged, through the development of new materials, such as the luminescent glass.
The main premises of this relationship are: a theoretical and practical component for a glass study, glass science and technology as means to produce future glass works, the interface art/science and the creation of glass works.
In this art-making practice I would like to emphasise the use of new materials in contemporary glass art. The objects made are colourless under normal lighting conditions; it behaves as a monochromatic composition and their aesthetic value changes exposing them to UV light. Several colours can be integrated using the lanthanide oxides, and new harmonious chromatic concepts can be explored.
One of the main objectives of this work was to study the effects of light in art works using luminescent glasses under ultraviolet radiation.

Year 2012
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts, Volume 7, Issue 1
Pages 1-14
Publisher Inderscience Publishers
Local Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A.
ISBN / ISSN 2326-9987 (print), 2327-1787 (online)
Language english