Analyses of Cultural Productions

The PsyArt Foundation promotes psychological studies of the arts. Every year the Psyart Foundation holds an International Conference on Psychology and the Arts that accepts papers on literature, film, music, and the performing and visual arts. This book focuses on the analyses of cultural productions from a psychological perspective and contains twenty contributions from the 30th International Conference on Psychology and the Arts, at the University of Porto, Portugal, June 26-30, 2013. To facilitate the reading of these contributions, the book is organized in three categories: the analysis of literary texts, the analysis of film, and the analysis of art and creativity.

Year 2014
Type Book Chapter
Publication ANALYSES OF CULTURAL PRODUCTIONS: Papers of the 30th Conference of Psyart - Porto, 2013
Pages 13-23
Publisher I2ADS/FBAUP
Local Porto
Ed/Org José Gabriel Pereira Bastos, Elizabeth Fox e Diniz Cayolla Ribeiro
ISBN / ISSN 9789899874527
Language English