Discussing drawing in design practice


This paper is framed by the analysis and interpretation of drawing’s practice in order to discuss some statements about project.

The experience of drawing in design arises by the confrontation of both disciplines. The way of ‘seeing’ unfolded by drawing creates ideas and images that play an important role in the stratified design process. We consider ontologically drawing’s practice stemming from its origin in the Florentine disegno enabling drawing as discipline to assist both artistic and scientifically many other disciplines.

Considering drawing as a broad operating field we were driven by the study of the why and the how drawing intervenes by restraining and/or participating in the design thinking and practice. We propose as hypothesis that the ontological difference between them is derived from the different condition they establish to each other. As case study, we selected design drawings of relevant Portuguese architects and designers. We discuss drawing within the exercise of design projects from 3 major analytical aspects: 1. the representation of the project through the mediation of the technique; 2. the visibility of the idea through the mediation of the program and 3. the poetic expression through the mediation of authorship. By interpreting drawings we assay to what extent representation (drawing) intervenes in the development of the idea (project) through the representation techniques (means).

Year 2013
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Drawing in the University Today - Conference Proceedings
Publisher I2ADS-FBAUP
Local Porto
ISBN / ISSN ISBN 978-989-97856-6-3
Language English