Journal of Writing of the Self


“Journal”* because it links to the visual journals introduced to the pupils in the classes of Visual Education in the contexts of the internship and that of the Master of Teaching of the Visual Arts. The absence of ‘visual’ in the title preserves the ambiguity of this journal as it simultaneously indicates a space for the dissertation – it was also lived and constructed in a daily basis of an exercise of “writing of the self”. In between what was proposed to the classes of the school which hosted the internship, and what happened in the writing process itself, remains only the difference of an institutional formalism. Due to the academic order of discourse and the condition it implies, the writing disclaims the plasticity of other possibilities, while to the pupils this was possible just like any other chance. Nevertheless, and from both sides, the “writing of the self” to see the I, the other and to construct our subjectivities and becoming-others from the known ways of seeing and doing.

*“Diário” is translated to “Journal”. In Portuguese the word “diário” has both the meanings of a daily record of events and of a private diary.


Keywords: writing of the self; subjectivation; author; arts education.

Year 2011
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication European Review of Artistic Studies, vol.2, n.3
Pages 25-41
Publisher UTAD