Malleable drawings: exploring the potential of childhood play in the creative process

This paper discusses an approach of a multimodal project, in which the potential of the game, and the performative act of memory in the process of drawing were exploited. It explains the theoretical and experimental  aspects present in its origin, and discusses some preliminary results. In this research projetc, the play, the double meaning of fun and competition of the artist himself, are related to materials, gestures, and restored behaviors by a procedural and autobiographical memory (Foster, 2011). The role of this memory is experimentally investigated by creating drawings based on restored behaviors (Schechner, 1985), i.e., processes composed by fragments of other processes from various sources. It examines the parameters that, generally, define the drawing process as a play, such as a particular organization of time, a special value assigned to objects, non-productivity in terms of results, rules and the use of particular spaces. The study also explores the interference and the proximity between the processes of drawing and those for playing ,based on the studies of Schechner (1985) and Huizinga (1980), from the typology proposed by Roger Caillois (1990) as agôn, alea, mimicry and ilinx (competition, chance, mimic and vertigo), taking as its starting point a set of interactive drawings, made in different fabrics, named malleable, developed in scope of doctoral research. The lines and structures that compose the malleable drawings are conceived and proposed within a performative sphere, an open play without rules: they are thought as alea (a free and uncertain activity in which the doubt about the outcome must remain until the end) and as agôn (a dispute between the player and the art object). Players are invited to experience the limits and possibilities of drawing in their own body or in their relationship with the space. Thus, the one who manipulates them is in a drawing moment, in an act of encounter with the other, through a incorporated experience.

Year 2014
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Drawing in the University Today
Pages 455-464
Publisher i2ADS - Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade - Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto
Local Porto
Ed/Org Paulo L. Almeida, Miguel B. Duarte, José T. Barbosa
ISBN / ISSN 978-989-97856-6-3
Language Português; Inglês