Convergences between games and augmented reality towards the production of new cinematic narrative models


In a context strongly affected by the growing of artistic experimentations based on new digital tools, this article focuses on the discussion about the convergence of cinema, games and augmented reality technologies. It was inspired by a computational interactive artifact named Cinecubos (Eliseu, Cardoso, 2011), which aimed to explore alternative configurations of the cinematic narrative. This artifact explored different relationships between the audience and the unfolding narrative: to act as a spectator (observing), as a participant (where the audience could explore multiple and alternate narrative confi gurations, rearranging the motion pictures fragments that were scattered in the framing of the screen), and as a creator (starring a role as an actor, featuring on the videographic live feed images that populated the artifacts diegesis, along with footage from Ernesto de Sousa’s movies). And by mixing classic physical brick games interface and logic along with augmented reality technologies, the interaction with the artifact’s apparatus was both intuitive and immersive.

Cinecubos is the result of the intersection between several fields of research and it expects to be a practical contribution to the development of new models and concepts in the new narrative cinema that arises from the convergence of present-day media and their languages .

Year 2012
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Avanca | Cinema 2012
Pages 1126 - 1131
Ed/Org Cine-Clube de Avanca
ISBN / ISSN 978-989-96858-2-6
Language Português, Inglês