How to teach how to learn to draw?

How to teach the learning of drawing? is the starting point for various concerns and reflexions on the teaching of drawing. The concept’s broad scope (drawing) makes it easy to lose one’s sense of direction on aproaching it. After all, what kind of drawing are we talking about? How should one teach the learning of drawing? And where to start?

The approach presented in this report defends the teaching/learning of drawing based on both the encounter with the visible world and the role of teachers in influencing the directions taken by their students, and proposes a strategy of interrelation/interaction based on rigorous work, sharing, and complicity between student and teacher.

Year 2010
Type Thesis
Institution Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Oporto
Degree Master
Supervisor(s) Professor Doutor José Paiva e Professora Doutora Natércia Pacheco
Language Portuguese
Field Art Education