(Português) (Castellano) Paisaje y Parques Regionales de Murcia: Innovación docente en la metodología en la metodología de enseñanza-aprendizaje significativo, en el arte del paisaje.

The project is based on the Network of Natural Protected Areas in the Region of Murcia, both in coastal areas and inner spaces. In developing the project, started from the subject of Landscape, from the Faculty of Arts, University of Murcia, collaborated the Office for General Management of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, the entity responsible for managing natural protected areas, and Cajamurcia Foundation, in a clear commitment for widening the regional heritage.
The collaboration between collaborated the subject of Landscape and the Office for General Management of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, aims to disseminate the regional natural heritage through landscape painting. The staff of the Office guided teachers and students along different protected areas, in order to share different knowledge about flora, fauna, landscape and history of the places, and especially to aware to these young artists, a social sector which has always been in the avantgarde of thinking in our Western
society. These young artists act as communicators of the landscape through their work. Students of the 2007-2008 academic year painted Calnegre coastal area. In 2008-2009 worked on Calblanque coastal area. During the 2009-2010 academic year Sierra Espuña was the model, and in 2010-2011 the paintings are about Sierra de La Pila. Every year, all the paintings have formed an exhibition, in which organization take part Cajamurcia Foundation.
This project contributes to expand knowledge about natural protected areas, both among the artists who incorporate new knowledge into their artistic discourse and among society in general. This is a new vision of Murcia nature. It is an invitation to all citizens to come to see these landscapes. Without doubt, the objective proposed in Article 6 of the European Landscape Convention on increasing the awareness of society towards the landscape, is satisfied in this project, which has already fulfilled its fourth year. Our protected
areas are a scenic resource that deserves to be revealed and reported. The revelation of the nature through landscape painting is a perfect vehicle for our society to learn and appreciate the values of this common heritage that we must all keep, each contributing from their field of work and knowledge.

Year 2011
Type Conference Proceeding
Pages 448
Publisher Universidad de Cartagena
Local Murcia, España
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