Communicating the Spanish National Parks in internet


The management of public use in protected natural areas is one of the issues requiring greater economic, material and personnel efforts from the administration of these areas.  Within this branch of management, environmental information and communication are both recognized by managers as well as policy documents, as key aspects to raise public awareness and to cause a shift toward thoughts and attitudes that might be called “eco-friendly”.

Currently, Internet is an important vehicle to inform, communicate and share. Therefore, a priori, this network with all their strengths and resources would be a key area for the development of certain aspects of the public use of protected areas.

The purpose of this research is to carry out a review, focusing on the situation of the Spanish National Parks, of the relationship between protected areas and their communication trough Internet, in order to identify the presence, use and sent messages and above all, their possible application to the management of public use.

Year 2012
Type Thesis
Institution Universidad de Murcia
Degree Master
Supervisor(s) José Francisco Calvo-Sendín
Language Castellano
Field Landscape, Natural Sciences