Artistic Research Does #1 – Artistic Research and/as Interdisciplinarity

Hey presto!, this is not another ant-ology neither aspires being part of one. And we are not tied to defining artistic research neither we intend to spend our and others’ sweat to eventually provide an enlightened state of the art. We are nevertheless quite happy to present a friendly, fancy and laid-back ink and paper object to embody the inquiring thoughts of our guest contributors. Artistic Research Does is a series of individual takes published on the topic of artistic research, yet anti-ologically designed. It consists of a number of short authored submissions, conceived under invitation and for the occasion, published in individual booklets, once a month and bilingual-ly (PT/ENG). Since the editors are not native English speakers and thus are unable to provide professional translations, every and each of their efforts to adapt text go with their signatures so that the interpretative contingency is kept in mind.

The idea for Artistic Research Does acquired shape in the aftermath of the international seminar Conversations on Artistic Research organized in November 2014, at the Faculty of Fine Arts University of Porto, Portugal (org. NEA – Research Group in Arts Education). As such the first batch of writings will rescue edited contributions of guest participants of this seminar, and following the taking off of the first round so the network of references will expand to other interesting inputs to the conversation in motion. Through internationalization Artistic Research Does is aimed to introduce this debate in Portugal by hopefully filling up some perceived gaps and updating biased looks into research possibilities in art.

The editors,
Catarina Almeida, Faculty of Fine Arts University of Porto / i2ADS
André Alves, Valand Academy University of Gothenburg / i2ADS


Artistic Research Does #1

Title/Título: Artistic Research and/as Interdisciplinarity

Author/Autor: Annette Arlander

May/Maio 2016

Org.: Catarina Almeida & André Alves

Ed.: NEA / i2ADS  Núcleo de Investigação em Educação Artística / Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade; FBAUP Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto

Cover/Capa: Luís de Sousa Teixeira

Design: Luís de Sousa Teixeira

Cover prints/Impressão de capa: Joana Paradinha

200 copies / 200 exemplares

ISBN 978-989-98745-8-9

, (Ed / Org)
Publisher i2ADS
Local Porto
Year 2016
ISBN / ISSN 978-989-98745-8-9
Language Portuguese & English
Number 1
Type Other