Abstract ¾ The project that I now develop, entitled Visual Arts and Multiculturality: connections, is in development phase and has as goal to trace relations among the contemporary artistic production of Recife, capital of Pernambuco, and others non hegemonic centers, comparing it with the globalized universe of the visual arts focusing the possibility of identity preservation. We studied the production of the region of Murcia, in Spain and more recently that of the Quebec City in Canada. In the work we propose to this congress we intend to expose some results gathered by using as reference two works from two artists: a quebecois and a pernambucano. They are: Gil Vicente of Recife and his series entitled Inimigos and Martin Bureau, quebecois, with the work Hommage à sa Gracieuse Majesté. Through the analysis of the poetic from both artists we want to establish the survival of the identity in both social spaces as well as the remaining of a political aspect in the contemporary artist.

Index Terms ¾ visual arts, artistic poetry, identities.Gil Vicente, Martin Bureau

Year 2012
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication V Word Congress on Comunication and Arts
Pages 101-110
Local Guimarães .Portugal
Ed/Org Copec
ISBN / ISSN 9978858912099
Language Português