Notes on the search for identity in the posmodernity universe: personal memory in the painting of Flavio Tavares and Pedro Cano.

Inside the internationalization process of ideas and expressions and a recurrence of the personal memory as a form of inspiration and resistance to the homogenizer post-modern universe, we choose as an example parameter the work of two artists, of diverse provenance, Blanca and Recife (respectively Murcia, Spain and the Northeast of Brazil). Both, Pedro Cano and Flávio Tavares, separated by geography, have in the personal mythology and in memory their identity references. The article is based on the research of the author of Artes Visuais no Nordeste: relações multiculturais, still in process of development 

Key wordsVisual Arts, Hegemony, Identity, Flávio Tavares, Pedro Cano.

Year 2011
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Anais do XX Encontro Nacional da Associação Nacional dos Pesquisadores de Artes Plásticas (ANPAP)
Pages 2104-2117
Local Rio de Janeiro
Ed/Org Editora da UFRJ
ISBN / ISSN 2175-8212
Language Português