Action/Research in Art Education: seeking a renewed narrative, involved in the construction of a persistent agonistic democracy

“Nó e labirinto tornam-se assim a imagem estrutural do próprio saber: um saber aberto interdisciplinar, em movimento, sempre sujeito ao risco da perda de orientação.” CALABRESE (1987:151/2)

In the times we live in, which belong to the contemporary that links the implications of production (thought / action) to the social, to what corresponds the impetus of a teacher / artist / researcher to be engaged with ‘arts education research’ ?
The direction taken by the author of this article is politically assumed, intrinsic to the cultural, where the foundations of the practices of action / research are questioned. This is the framework that offers the possibility for renewing ‘arts education’ narratives in order to explain their indispensability in the construction of social subjects, through the confrontations that are relational to them, and to promote the affirmation of a shared critical positioning towards the hegemonic values , activating agonistic practices of deconstruction facing the cultural and social dominant values as well as the explanation of utopias.
The specific nature of the ‘artistic’ is treated as core feature of ‘research in art education’, shaping its meaning and processes, but where the use of models coming from  the ‘human sciences’, the ‘sciences of education’, or the ‘science of art’, not provide this kind of research with enough opportunities to produce action / thought.  Therefore, we seek to understand the urgency of expanding the existing debate to a social statement that opens up to other ways of research, to the use of languages that are proper and natural within the relational and intersubjective field where ‘art education’ inhabits.

art education, art, education, action / research; political

Year 2012
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication inVISIBILIDADES: Revista Ibero-Americana de Pesquisa em Educação, Cultura e Artes, 3
Pages 162-171
Publisher Associação de Professores de Expressão e Comunicação Visual (APECV)
Local Porto, Portugal
Ed/Org Teresa Eça & Ricardo Reis
ISBN / ISSN 1647-0508
Language Português