The relevance of drawing as a symbolic and cultural factor.

We discuss the usefulness of creating a digital archive of drawings – design project and architecture – made by Portuguese designers in the XX and XXI century. The project drawings are normally intended to be lost, by their ephemeral and transitory nature, even if they participate clearly in the projectual understanding, and hence to the definition of a symbolic cultural identity. The archive supports the investigation under 3 perspectives: 1. heritage: study and preservation of the drawing-object as reference of the project; 2. epistemological: contribute to the theory and design criticism within the discipline looking to a reflection on the subject from the internal design point of view 3. communication: contribution to the study and dissemination of the design. We seek to understand the drawing of design in the projectual practice of the cultural object. How did one drawing file can serve both the discipline of design and those that it are associated with? We start from the assumption that the interpretation and categorization of the project of design as a cultural entity, can be done by drawing through their physical condition. A file of drawings supports the research as an development tool for the project practice, as theoretical validation of the discipline of design and as cultural expression. The research integrates scientific ontological analysis of the design drawing through the interpretation of case studies.

Co-authoring: Magalhães, Graça; Pombo, Fátima.

Year 2010
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Actas do I Seminário de investigação em Museologia dos Países de Língua Portuguesa e Espanhola., vol. 2
Pages 119-131
Publisher Universidade do Porto / Faculdade de Letras / Biblioteca Digital
Local Porto, Portugal
Ed/Org Universidade do Porto / Faculdade de Letras / Departamento de Ciências e Técnicas do Património
ISBN / ISSN 978-972-8932-61-9
Language Português