The fragile totality. The meaning of drawing in the project of design. Poetic and technique: portuguese drawings made from the 2nd half of XX century

This research aims to contribute towards the study and development of design as a discrete discipline, based on the analysis and interpretation of drawing practices in the projectual scope.
The selection of the study objects – project drawings by Portuguese designers and architects – aims at validating project classification through drawings analysis.

We researched the relationship between drawing and design, proposing as hypothesis an ontological dissimilarity deriving from the phenomenological condition each discipline establishes in the relationship with the other.
The proposed bibliography drove us through critical reflection, targeting the theoretical consideration of drawing, particularly concerning its rapport to the project.

Firstly, we analyse drawing exercise ontologically, considering its origin in the Florentine disegno as founder of this discipline able to assist so many other disciplines, artistic and scientific, and their development in Western culture practices.

Secondly, we discuss drawing within the exercise of design projects, stemming from the theoretical consideration of drawing as a result of the triangulation between ʻimagination – classification – representationʼ and design as ʻauthor – technology – programʼ. Considering drawing as a broad operating field we were driven to the study of Why and How drawing intervenes, restraining and/or participating in design exercise and rationale.

Thirdly, we interpret drawings from the chosen authors, essentially analysing to what extent representation (drawing) intervenes in the development of the idea (project) considering the representation techniques (means).

Our goal is to contribute towards the critical debate within the discipline of design, crossing related practices that are epistemologically distinct. Hence, we postulate the enrichment of each, encouraging interdisciplinary practices. As a practical application, this research includes the creation of an archive of project drawings that also allows the comparative study of drawings and works performed by each author.

Year 2012
Type Thesis
Institution Universidade de Aveiro
Degree PhD
Supervisor(s) Federico Brunetti (Politecnico di Milano) e Fátima Pombo (Universidade Leuven e Universidade Aveiro)
Language Português
Field Design