Art Education for sustainability

The arts and education through the art have a crucial role in the development of a sustainable development because art education promotes creativity, innovation and critical thinking, necessary skills to acquire an emancipating culture of equality an social responsibility , essential conditions for the development of a sustainable future. Through its holistic nature art education may , if directed towards citizenship and education for values transform the curriculum and reform the school through tansdisciplinary projects breaking boundaries between knowledge areas and enabling unique learning sites . However, this will be possible only if we reformulate current education paradigms and art education approaches and teacher training.

Year 2010
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication Arte Educação: Pesquisas e Experiências em Diálogo, 80, Vol. 30
Pages 13-25
Publisher Cadernos CEDES
Local Campinas, Brasil
Ed/Org Albano, A.A. & Ostetto, L.E. (Org.)
ISBN / ISSN 0101-3262
Language Portuguese, English