Arts education and educational prorities in the beginning of the XXI century

In the first decade of this century we have seen how the hopes of intergovernmental organizations were rooted in education. Strategic priorities and programs announcing the education for sustainability and citizenship had been launched in the attempt to respond to the socio economical crisis. Arts Education might play a key role in such context, arts education can offer a strong case for attaining the basics stones of education, fostering creativity and innovation and responding to the call for citizenship education, education for values and intercultural dialogue. We had never been so aware of the need for social education. In the Ibero-American context there are many educational experiences through the arts that may suggest and play role models for reflection about social education and community development.

Keywords: education, community development, social education, civic education, innovation, artistic education.

Year 2010
Type Journal Article without peer review
Publication Revista Ibero Americana de Educación, 52
Pages 127-138
Publisher OEI
Local Madrid
ISBN / ISSN 1022-6508
Language Portuguese